Health Care

Working to address access to quality health care across the life span, including before, during and between pregnancies.


Recommendation 1:  Increase awareness and utilization of health care services by pregnant african american women.

  1. Facilitate women getting early care in pregnancy.
  2. Develop a communications system for accessing and educating the public on current programs and resources.
  3. Enhance programs that utilize family support workers (home visitation programs).

Recommendation 2:  Increase the number of women receiving preconception and inter-conception care.

  1. Increase family planning utilization and knowledge.
  2. Increase the number of women with a primary care practitioner.

Recommendation 3:  Increase the number of health care providers in the local neighborhood community that provide women’s health and maternal/child health care.

  1. Provide a practitioner in local neighborhood clinics, wic offices, and similar appropriate locations.



If you would like to join the Health Care work group contact Kamisha Busby at (405) 427-3200 or